WhatsApp goes Down

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Was WhatsApp Down Last Night?

If you haven’t noticed yet.

Yes, Whatsapp was indeed down last night.

Apparently it wasn’t a small crash. WhatsApp was down in the East Coast of the US, Western Europe and South America according to The Independant. Well we felt the crash here too. No one could send or receive messages in South Africa from 11 pm untill as late as 1 am.

So if you were wondering if your Girlfriend/Boyfriend was just ignoring you. No need to worry it was simply just a crash and WhatsApp is back up and running again.

For those that were already snoozing under the blankets  unaffected and unaware of the crash. Well now you know too.

If you woke up with your WhatApp ticks still blue without reply then sorry for you.


Were you affected by WhatsApp going down? Let us know in the comments below!


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