What NOT to Have on Facebook- Do You Have Any of These?

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We live in fast paced modernised world where technology is used every day. It has become a part of our everyday lives and we can’t live without it.  We can’t ignore the fact that we have to know what not to have on Facebook.

Well, here it is…

What NOT to have on Facebook.

Excessive swearing.


Honestly, everyone swears every now and then. Even if it isn’t on purpose. It just slips out.

Swearing isn’t always used to be disrespectful, sometimes people just use it to state their point a little better. With that being said excessive swearing on your profile can’t really be good I would imagine. Tone it down a bit and remove those swearing posts.

Inappropriate pictures.

Remove all of those inappropriate pics where you are too drunk to walk. or doing anything illegal. Keep them for yourself on your personal computer. Don’t leave it out there for the whole world to see.

Racial/sexist or discriminative comments.

No matter, if it is online or in the real-world racial/sexist or discriminative remarks, will not be tolerated. Do not post or share anything that implies that you are discriminating towards anyone.

Gerod Roth a man living in Atlanta USA got fired for posting a picture with a boy and making racial jokes.

Trash talk about colleagues/peers/boss or lecturer.

There are so many cases of people losing their job by trash talking about their boss on social media. It is a good idea to stay clear of work-related posts. This woman was fired for talking trash about her boss on social media. It won’t matter if you were in one of the top Universities in South Africa you might still lose your job.

Poor writing and grammar.


what not to have on facebook spelling mistakes



Making spelling and grammar mistakes while posting or commenting on Facebook can be very unprofessional.  Your future employer might not want to give you the job if you can’t spell properly.

Although everyone makes mistakes every now and then it is unavoidable, except if you use Grammarly.

Grammarly is a free add-on that you put on your Chrome Browser that will point out all of your grammar and spelling mistakes while you are typing. You never have to worry about misspelling words again.


What can you do?

Set your profile visability to “friends only”.

Facebook has an option to set your profile to only be visable to your friends. It is really simple to set up. Follow these 6 tips to make your profile private on Facebook.

Set Facebook Profile to Friends only

There are always more options if you want to make your profile more private..

This will help especially if you are applying for a job so your employer won’t see so much of your profile.

Leave dodgy groups.

leave bad groups on facebook

We always tend to forget about those groups we joined a long time ago. The groups “I am so drunk I can’t even.” groups won’t really count in your favour. Remove those dodgy groups.

Choose to review posts/tags before coming on your timeline.

Facebook has this awesome setting that you can activate review posts. It lets you review all your tags and posts to your profile before enabling them. If you have friends that keep tagging you in innapropriate things, this is for you.

Check out how to review tags that people add to your posts before they appear. It’s really simple!

Remove photo’s that are inappropriate.

Untag yourself in the photo’s that you think are inappropriate or ask the person that uploaded the pic to remove it. Don’t let those pics stay up that you are embarrassed about.

Post and share positive things.

Post positive things. We live in a world where negative news conquers all. Stand out and post the positive posts on Facebook.

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Do you think an employer should have access to your Facebook Profile? Do you think they should judge you for what you post on your profile? Let us know in the comments below!


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