7 Non Physical Qualities- What Makes a Woman Attractive?

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So what makes a woman attractive?

She has a sense of humour.

There is something sexy about a girl’s smile and the more we can see it the better! Guys also want to laugh and have fun with their girls.


She is independent.

A girl that can take care of herself is very attractive, you know she doesn’t need a man around she can handle everything herself, but she chooses to have him in her life.



A girl taking things into her own hands and setting up a date or doing something in the moment and not waiting for the guy to do everything, is a big yes!


She is focused on her goals.

When she knows what she wants and goes after it, whether it be her fitness goals or goals at work.


Stands up for what she believes in.

It is okay to have different opinions about things and if a woman stands up for her beliefs and opinions while respecting other’s opinions it really does make her stand out of the crowd.



If she has a soft heart and is caring towards others


Gets along well with your friends and family.

At the end we all just want to get along. Friends and family are very important and if you can win them over you are golden.




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