[WATCH]: Thor Sings “Not Worthy”: The Funniest MC Hammer Parody.

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The funniest Thor Parody you will see

Hammer Time! To celebrate Ragnarok, Thor would like to remind everyone they are NOT WORTHY.

Not worthy thor parody intro

After the release of the much anticipated movie Thor Ragnarok in October this gem of a parody was born and it deserves all the attention that it is currently getting.

Basically it is about how no one is worthy to use Thor’s mighty hammer, not even Captain America himself…

captain america thor parody

It features the whole Marvel superhero crew from the movie busting it out to the famous MC Hammer song “Can’t touch this.” 

I can’t even deal with how good this Thor Parody is at the moment. If you’re a big Thor fan then you will definitely enjoy this. 

Don’t believe me? Then check it out for yourself.

Watch the hilarious parody below

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