16 Most Popular Tuks Confessions of the week – Student Confessions

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1.Forget about even trying to take her man.

2. Hopefully, she’ll grow to look like her mother I guess…

3. Well, that’s a bit late now…

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4. Seems like you have a “crappy” situation there.

5. WHOA! That’s one crazy situation.

6. You can say that again!

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7. Dodged a bullet there.

8. Tag her in everything man.

9.Everyone has to leave the nest and become strong some time…

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10. Good for you for confessing. LOL

11. YHOO! Don’t want to be this guy.

12. If you aren’t dropping out mentally you aren’t doing it right.

Tuks confessions

13. Baby mamma’s retrieve your statement.

Tuks confessions

14. Queen B will always be 2 grades above Queen D.
Tuks confessions

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15. It was at this moment that he knew he messed up.

Tuks confessions

16. GOT is for smart people. Okay?

Tuks confessions

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