Try These 10 Crazy Pranks On Your Varsity Roommate.

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There comes a time in every young woman or man’s life when they simply get themselves caught up in an ultimate prank battle to the death. I’ve had some of my best times pranking my mates and it’s always a good time. Well ladies and gentlemen if you ever get yourself in one of those situations where you have to prank or be pranked, I have the answers you have been looking for.

  1. Freeze Their Underwear.

This is personally one of my favorites. When your mate goes out for the night, go through their closet and collect all of their underwear. Bundle all of it together, chuck it into a bucket and fill the bucket up to the top with water. Let those undies soak up real good and put them in the freezer. The next morning when they want to dress up they will have no underwear, only a big block of ice.

  1. Sit in The Dark Like a Weirdo at 3 am next to their bed. Don’t say a word just stare at the candle lit in front of you…

This will definitely freak your roommate out to the next level.

 Just make a noise when you go sit on the floor next to the bed, when your mate wakes up and asks you what you are doing just sit in silence and stare at the lit candle in front of you and act like a creep.

  1. Pull condoms over everything.

Go to your nearest bathroom on campus where you can get free condoms. When your mate is not around pull a condom over anything and everything you can find and tie a knot at the end. Condom his/her computer mouse, pencil case, speakers etc.

  1. Cellophane wrapped door entrance.

After your target goes to bed close their door and on the outside cellophane wrap the entire entrance as thick as you can by taping the cellophane against the wall and pulling it over the entrance. The next morning when they wake up and open the door they will walk into a wall of cellophane warp.

  1. Vodka (or vinegar) in water bottle.

This works best after an evening of hard parting. The next morning when your friend has a mean hangover just put vodka or vinegar in their water (if you think they can handle it). They might not forgive you for that one.

  1. Leave as many upside down filled water glasses on their table as possible.

Leave your friend a little present before you’re on your way off for the holidays or weekend away from varsity. Fill as many glasses up to the top with water, cover the top with cardboard and quickly turn the glass over and put it flat on the surface of the table. When you’ve flipped all of the glasses successfully simply just pull the cardboard out from underneath the glasses.

  1. Replace his brandy in his bottle with apple juice.

Either your friend will get drunk on apple juice and you will get a good laugh out of it or you will have one really angry friend after he realizes he has been drinking apple juice with his mix the entire time.

  1. Put mayonnaise in her leg cream bottle.

This is genius! Every girl has the habit to put leg cream on her legs every day without even thinking what they are doing, this prank is bound for success. If her leg cream is in a squirt bottle it will work even better she won’t even realize what she is doing

  1. Hard boil all their eggs and put it back in the packaging.

Take all of your friend’s eggs, put it in a pot with water and boil them for 5 min. The eggs should be perfectly hard boiled, just put them back in the packaging where you found them and wait for your friend to make them some eggs. They will have absolutely no idea what is going on when they break open their eggs.

  1. Dress up like a clown and hide in their closet.

The clowns are everywhere these days, running around the streets and terrorizing people. It’s actually horrible and should come to an end, I just hate them, they scare the shit out of me. If your friend feels anything like me then it is a good opportunity to prank them.

Put on your best clown outfit and give them a little scare when they open up their closet, nothing intense though you might give them a heart attack.

There you have it my pranksters go away and be free, prank away.


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