6 Tips To Take Good Notes In Class.

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Taking notes in class can be very hard if you are easily distracted. These tips will help you take better notes in class and help you achieve better marks.

  • Go through the next day’s work and prepare for the lesson.

    When you prepare for your next lesson and go through the work, it gives you an idea on what is going to be said in class and will make you understand the work better .

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  • Listen to what the lecturer is saying.

    You have to listen to your lecturer. They are going to explain the work for you, so if you just write everything down and don’t listen it won’t help you.

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  • Write only the key points.

    You got textbooks don’t you? So don’t write all that shit down, you aren’t trying to write your own book . Just write down all the important key points.

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  • Ask questions in class.

    If you don’t ask questions you will be lost without a doubt, you will probably figure it out on your own, but it might take you an hour to figure something out where the lecturer can explain it to you in 5 min.

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  • Make your notes visual.

    Make those notes colourful and let it stand out by using mind maps, it will help you study them later.

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  • Review and edit.

    Go through the notes you made after class and review and edit them by adding other important things from the textbook or slides..

After you’ve completed all these steps you should have legit notes! Good Luck!

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