Study Music : Ace those exams with these 5 focus music sound tracks.

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5 Study Music YouTube videos.

These soundtracks might not hit your sweet spot like Drake,  Justin Bieber or any other music you prefer, but it sure will help you concentrate better.

It might feel a bit distracting at times while listening to these while learning. Give it a try you might just improve your grades.

Make sure you are studying in a quiet environment and that you listen with your headphones on.

Here are the 5 best study music playlists on You Tube:

Study Music Alpha Waves: Relaxing Studying Music, Brain Power, Focus Concentration Music

Our Studying Music for concentration uses alpha waves and binaural beats to boost concentration and brain power, and is the ideal relaxing music for stress relief.

This is my personal favourite and use it every time that I study.

Remember you don’t have to listen to the entire playlist in one sitting. Take appropriate breaks while studying to remain focused.

SUPER Memory & Concentration Alpha BiNaural Beat – Focus Music

With proven results from our solo Alpha BiNaural Beats, I can assure you that with dedicated study you will get higher grades

Similar to the 1st video these sounds also focuses on alpha beats rather than classical music.


It’s best to repeat your work as much as possible. Start learning in advance for your tests to be prepared and let the work sink into your long term memory.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to cram all your work in one day. Learn the most important first then focus on the rest. Here are more study tips to study the night before a test.

3 Hours of Studying Music – Concentration Music – Focus and Background Music

This is an effective strategy for students preparing to take an entrance exam to get into their favorite college or university.

Nothing but 3 hours of relaxing piano classical music to help your brain focus while studying.

You can listen to this music while studying with a partner as well. Play the music on your speakers while studying. There are pro’s and con’s for studying with a buddy. Make sure to not be dragged down by your partner.

Beautiful Mind: Best Study Music for Concentration and Better Learning – 1 Hour Music

Help you Study, Work and Focus on Learning to Improve your Memory

Before you start learning, put on the music and get yourself focused. After listening to the music for a while you can start diving into those books!

Looking to loosen up before you start to study? Check out these 9 funny study images. They will definitely put a smile on your face.

6 HOURS – Relaxing – Piano, violin, guitar – Study music, focus, concentration, memory

Soothing, quiet, light and calm instrumental music for kids and adults to increase brain power and positive energy.

Definitely the longest of the bunch, but is perfect for those long study sessions. All you do is pause the playlist when you take a break and start it back up again.

What music do you listen to while studying? Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below!


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