8 Smart Strategies To Make Your Student Budget Last.

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Student Budget

Living on a student budget can be a very difficult task to do. It is nearly impossible to make your money last to the end of the month. With some budgeting tips it gets a lot easier managing your money.

Here are our budget tips to save you some money.

1.Drink at home not at the bar.

Getting wasted at the bar isn’t very friendly to your bank account and for a good reason, bars put a lot of markup on their drinks.

Just buy your drinks at the liquor store and party at home, you can by a bottle of your favourite drink for the price of 3 drinks at the bar.

That’s a massive saving!

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2.Buy all your necessities first.

Fill up your car with petrol, buy all your important groceries and buy all your necessities for the month.

Doing this keeps you from spending that money on less important things.

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3.Put away a certain amount of money for emergencies.

Every month there will come a time where you need money for something unexpected that you didn’t budget for.

Maybe a friend’s birthday, printing a project or buying medicine.

Put away some money for these little emergencies so you always have cash when they come.

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4.Make food at home.

Take-aways might be delicious, but it is also a lot more expensive than making your own food.

Make your own food and save some money. Don’t cut out restaurants altogether though, it is okay to treat yourself with a takeout meal now and then.

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5.Divide your money up in weeks.

If you divide your monthly money up into weekly portions you will be able to track your cash easier.

You will realize when you over spend one week and that will allow you to cut back on your spending the next week.

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6.Rather walk than drive

With the current economic state petrol prices are through the roof!

Rather take a walk and save that petrol money.

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Buy on specials.

Specials are a great way of saving money, especially buy your meat on specials and freeze it to prepare later, you will save a couple of bucks.

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8.Make your own coffee.

Don’t meet your friend at some fancy coffee shop to drink coffee, rather invite them over to your place and drink your own coffee.

Coffee might not seem so pricey, but if you add up all the coffee dates it sure does make a dent in your budget.

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