New Year’s Eve South African Drinking Game

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  1. Gather all the people at your New Year’s Eve party together in a circle.

  2. Get a large bowl and place it in the middle.

  3. Give everyone a couple pieces of paper and a pen.

  4. Write down questions of 2016 on the paper e.g. (literally any of the most random questions you can think about)

  • Drunkest person of the year?
  • When was the time you laughed the hardest this year?
  • Most embarrassing moment?
  • What are you going to do different next year?
  • How many people have you made out with this year? Etc.
  1. Fold your questions up and throw it in the bowl.

  2. Now you go around in a circle clockwise and everyone gets a turn to pull out a piece of paper, read the question and answer it. Then it is the next person’s turn, until there are no questions left.

  3. The person that suggested to play this game to their friends you start, because let’s be honest you are fucking awesome.


The Rules


  • You drink a sip when you use any pronouns e.g. me, myself, you, he, she, us, we, them, they, I, himself, herself etc. (When you talk you will have to use people’s names.)
  • If anyone makes any shitty jokes about next year they drink e.g. I’m only going to see you next year again. (When actually next year is tomorrow. That shit deserves a shot we aren’t 12 anymore)
  • If anyone says the word “drink” they have to drink.
  • Before you drink a sip say “Vat so 2016”
  • If you are the last person to smoke the hubley before it dies, you pack the new one. (Obviously skip this one if there is no hubley.)
  • Drink a sip if you point your finger at something or someone.
  • When it’s your turn to pick a piece of paper and answer a question, no one is allowed to look you in the eyes. Every person that looks you in the eyes has to drink.


 If you want to play without the rules and only play the questions  that is also fine! 

New year’s is your night so chop and change the rules like you want and don’t do the rules that you don’t like, be creative and design your own games.

Have Fun playing, be responsible and remember nobody can force you to do anything and have a happy new year!


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