4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Parow Brandy.

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Parow Brandy

It’s  no new news that South African rapper Jack Parow  launched his new brand of local brandy Parow Brandy in the early month January 2017.

The 3 year old hand crafted pot stilled ‘lekker’ local brandy is available  in selected bars and restaurants across the country.

Parow Brandy



Now let’s cut the bullshit.

Why should you buy this specific brandy?

We spent all day drinking Parow Brandy to tell you why.

Parow Brandy


1. Originality

Parow brandy is like none other in the market. From the first glimpse of the label on the bottle it screams absolute uniqueness.

South African brandy drinkers can relate to the funny descriptions covering the bottle. Like the phrase “Knak’it, Trap’it, Klap’it”.

The outside appearance and design of the bottle delivers exactly what we can expect of Jack and is definitely one of a kind.

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2. The Unbelievable Taste.

Drinking Parow Brandy neat  isn’t as intense as drinking the other 3 year brandies on the market and delivers a sweet fruity taste to enjoy.

The brandy doesn’t give that strong intense taste and goes down very smoothly, although the alcohol percentage is still 43%..

It can be enjoyed with soda drinks, water or neat which ever you prefer, but altogether it tastes frikken great.

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Through this Brandy and all of Jack’s doings he shows us that you should follow your passion and do what you love in life.

He loves to drink his brandy as we have all heard in his songs and his live performances, but he doesn’t just stop there he creates his own brandy because it is something that he loves.

We should buy Parow Brandy not just for the taste, but also because it is a symbol of inspiration to do what you love.

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4.Local is lekker.

What better reason to buy Parow Brandy than to support local produce.

South Africa is an amazing country and we all should be proud to call ourselves South Africans.

This brandy was specifically made to fill the gap in the market for South African brandy drinkers.

No matter where you are from, anyone can  drink a glass together.

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Let’s all go “knak” a lekker bottle of Parow Brandy.

Jack Parow Brandy



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