7 Non Physical Qualities That Make a Man More Attractive.

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Physical qualities aren’t everything. There are other qualities in a man that make him just as attractive.

Non Physical Qualities Women Love


Nobody likes sitting next to someone with bad hygiene, a guy that smells good and looks after himself is definitely more attractive.



The way a man treats a woman and others around him says a lot about him.  Women appreciate it to be handled with care and see you treat other people the same, the moral of the story is don’t be an asshole.



The saying “Confidence is key.” is really true. A man has to be confident about who he is and his actions and women and men will respect him. Don’t  be scared to say what is on your mind.

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A good sense of humour.

Girls like to laugh and have a good time, a good sense of humour goes a long way.

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Women like to be treated in unique ways even if it is small, like opening the car door or taking her on dates that real thought has gone into.

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A guy that can cook.

A guy that can cook a good tasty meal will definitely get bonus points with any girl.

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Being spontaneous makes a guy very unpredictable and that is a good thing. Girls want to be swooped off their feet.

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