What is the meaning of 420?-Everything you need to know.

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420 or the 20th of April is globally know as international marijuana day or rather “dagga day” in South Africa.

After the legalization of Marijuana in Cape Town earlier this year, it might be important to know about 420 and be aware of it even if you are not a “dagga kop”.



420 originated in California after a couple of teens came together every day at 4:20 PM to consume marijuana together.  They used the phrase “4:20 Louis” which was the time and the name of a statue (Louis Pasteur statue) where they would meet. The phrase later shortened to “420” as we know it today.

Now every year different types of people come together at events to smoke marijuana and advocate the legalization of cannabis.


There are many events across the world and even  in South Africa.

There will be a festival on the 22 April 2017 @Newtown, Johannesburg with Live music, food etc. called D-Day.



If you don’t support the use of marijuana it is still good to know about these types of events and phrases to educate yourself about the world. Especially because it is becoming such a common conversation topic these days.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this day. How do you feel about the legalization of marijuana in South Africa?











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