Here’s how you can earn money on the side at varsity.

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We all have those months where your money simply just won’t last till the end of the month. Trust me this isn’t a joke, I can still clearly remember me trying to scratch a couple of cents together just to buy a toilet roll, one ply of course, because my budget didn’t last. Learn from my mistakes and buy all your necessities on pay day, then go social.

Let’s be honest we all need a little extra money on the side. Remember these money making tips, they have saved my ass in the past.

  • Have a raffle.

You know that exciting feeling that you get when you enter a competition, now that feeling is exactly how you are going to make your extra cash. We all want to win something and so will the people you are selling to.

Go buy a bottle of liquor, knock on all the doors of the students at a res or block of flats and sell tickets, at a cheap price, to win the bottle. After you sold all your tickets and made your profit have a draw and give the winner their bottle of liquor.

  • Mark some tests.

Marking tests can be a very boring and time consuming extra job to have at varsity, but none the less it is still a good paying extra job to have. Ask your lecturer where you can apply to be a test marker.

  • Take notes in class and when you study, then sell the notes.

It is crucial that you take really good notes otherwise your peers won’t buy them from you. Taking notes can be very profitable I would definitely recommend this to any student.

  • Buy this year’s textbooks from students and sell them next year.

This tactic is risky, but if done right can give you some extra money. When the academic year is done buy some used textbooks from your friends and sell it, for a profit, to the people that need them the next year.

 First make sure there isn’t a new edition of the textbook coming out the next year otherwise you will be sitting with a lot of books that aren’t in demand.

  • Give tutoring or sport lessons to high schoolers/primary schoolers.

I know what you are thinking,” I’m not really good at something specific or I didn’t really do so good at school”. Forget about that mind-set, you need money and this might just be the answer. You can tutor a primary schooler struggling with his maths or give extra lessons on sport. It will only require a bit of research and homework on the internet to get you up to date on the skills you have already acquired to tutor the youngster.

  • Sell your matric farewell dress/suit.

It’s time to move on we are all growing up, girls you are never going to wear that dress ever again and guys by the time you hit your second year of varsity your majestical stomach would have grown so much from all the drinking it will take a miracle for you to fit into your suit.

Sell those clothes they are pricey and they are only collecting dust in your closet.

Go out there and start earning your own money! Every little is going to help, those drinks, protein shakes, shoes, petrol and take away meals aren’t going to pay for themselves.


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