[WATCH]: Funniest Dirty Pickup Lines of All Time.

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Pick up lines

Every student has had a “pick-up-line” experience at college, whether you are girl or guy. Most pick up lines are usually very corny to get a funny reaction out of the girls and “break the ice”.

The guy in the video is walking from one girl to another using these dirty pick up lines to make them laugh or get a good reaction from them.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend using these pick up lines on a girl. Most of them are quite forward and rude, they are not there to actually pick up a girl. The nature of the pick up lines are more for the joke to entice a reaction out of the girls, and that is exactly what he got.

If you don’t want to watch the video there is a list of all the pick up lines he used beneath the video.

Watch the video below

Video by YesFunnyYes

List of dirty Pick up lines he used

  • “Sorry I’m late for our date”, he sits down.
  • “If we were all squirrels would you help me bust a nut?”
  • “You know what would make this conversation a lot better? If we were both naked.”
  • “I’m looking for some treasure, do you mind if I check your chest.”
  • “I made my bed today and I was hoping you could help me mess it up.”
  • “You have something on your butt, o sorry it’s just my eyes.”
  • “Say ‘me’….try again you forgot the d”… Girls says “there is no d in me”.. “not yet”
  • Calls girls to come over with finger… “If I can make you come with 1 finger imagine what I can do with 2”
  • “As long as I have a face, you girls have a place to sit.”
  • “You girls look great, but you know what look great on you? Me”
  • “Why did you get a cookie you are sweet enough already.”

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