5 Easy Bar Tricks to Impress Your Friends When You Go Out for the Night.

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When you are going out for the night all you want to do is be social and have a good time. Bar tricks enable you to do exactly that. It is a great conversation starter and gets the party going. If you are interested, it can win you a couple of free drinks too.

These bar tricks are really easy to learn and are really impressive.

Here they are…

5 Easy Bar Tricks

1. Put the coin in the glass (Simple trick)

All you will need is: 1x Glass, 1x Cigarette, 1x Coaster and a Coin.

Bar Trick setup: Put the glass down and put the coaster on top of it. Place the cigarette upright on top of the coaster and balance the coin on the cigarette.

What should be done: Tell your friends they should get the coin in the glass. They are only allowed to touch the glass and nothing else

Explanation/demonstration : 5:25 in the video. Blow up under the coaster and the coin will just fall into the glass.

2. Move the cigarettes (Very easy and brilliant!)

All you will need is: 2x Cigarettes

Bar Trick setup: Place two cigarettes parallel to eachother.

What should be done: Rub all around the table with your fingers. Tell your friends you are building up a static charge. After all the attention is built up on the cigarettes tell them you are going to make them move. While you pull your fingers apart slowly blow in between the cigarettes to make them move. Don’t let your friends see what you are actually doing. Let them try.

Explanation/demonstration : Watch whole video for detailed explanation.

3. Transfer the whiskey and water bar trick (Cool to watch)

All you will need is: 2x Shot glasses, Whiskey, Water and a playing card.

Bar Trick setup: Fill the one shot glass with whiskey and the other with water.

What should be done: Transfer the whiskey into the water glass and the water into the whiskey glass. Tell them they should use the playing card to do so, or keep the playing card in your pocket.

Explanation/demonstration : 2:02 in the video. Put the playing card on top of the water. Flip the water on to the whiskey glass and pull the card out until there is a small opening between the glasses. The fluids will now transfer glasses.

4.Tie the cigarette into a knot. (Unbelievable. Don’t know how it works. It just does.)

All you will need is: 1x cigarette and a pack of cigarettes(with the plastic still on)

Bar Trick setup: Place the cigarette on the table

What should be done: Tie the cigarette in a knot, without braking it. It should be still fine after the knot is made.

Explanation/demonstration :  2:55 in the video. Wrap the cigarette in the plastic from the pack and then tie a knot. The cigarette will not break if it is covered with plastic

5. Coin puzzle trick

All you will need is: 3x Silver coins, 2x Bronze coins.

Bar Trick setup:  Put all of the coins in a row. The order should be silver, bronze, silver, bronze and silver.

What should be done: You should order the coins silver, silver, silver, bronze and bronze in a row in only 5 moves. You can only move the coins together two at a time. You have 2 minutes to complete the task.

Explanation/demonstration : 1:27 in the video. It’s best to watch the video to see and learn the 5 moves.

Go give your friends a hard time and try these bar tricks on them.  Just make sure you don’t  try these while you are one of the drunk students,.It might not work out so well.

Do you know any of your own bar tricks? What did you think of these tricks?Join the conversation in the comments below!


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