9 Different Types of Drunk College Students.

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Ever noticed how each person reacts differently when they are drunk? These are the different types of drunk college students.

  1. The Lightweight

Drinks two ciders and is already smashed.

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  1. The Fighter

After a couple of drinks his biceps get bigger and the other guys get smaller. Never walks out the bar without a fight.



  1. The Nudist

They really bare it all, their clothes always end up on the floor.


  1. The Crier

No one feels sorrier for themselves, they always sob about something and there is no stopping them.


  1. Big Spender

Always buys everyone drinks and shots when drunk. Swipe, swipe.


  1. Troublemaker

They cause all the trouble and everyone else has to cover up for them.


  1. The Naughty One

Standards are non-existent when these people get drunk, they smooch anyone they can find.


  1. The Disappearing Act

When it’s time to leave they are never around, sometimes only showing up the next morning.


  1. The Sponger

Never has their own cash, relies on others to pay for their drinks and smokes their friend’s cigarettes.



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