9 Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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So it’s that time of the year again where we’re all rushing around  to get valentine’s dates and stressing to get the perfect date to take them on. Well stress no more here are some ideas for you to get creative with.

  • Cook a homemade meal for your lover.


    Nothing says I love you like a well prepared home cooked meal, spoil your lover and make them a dish that will leave them begging for more.


  • Early morning  picnic.


    Orange juice, champagne, strawberries, croissants, muffins and the sunrise. There couldn’t possibly be a better way to start the day.


  • Stay in movie night.


    Get together all the classic rom-coms you can get your hands on, popcorn, chocolate coated strawberries, wine and you are set for the ultimate comfy v-day movie marathon date. Netflix and chill. 😉

  • Wine and chocolate tasting.

    date wine

    Get a blindfold a variety of wines and chocolate truffles and let your senses do the exploring by feeding each other wine and truffles one by one.

  • Couples spa day.

    massage date

    Spoil yourself and your partner and book in to a spa near you.

  • Go horseback riding.

    date ideas

    Have a look on the internet for local places to go horse riding, it could just be the thrilling experience you are looking for.

  • Go camping.

    date ideas

    Camping doesn’t always seem like the best idea, but if you are looking for intimacy you cannot go wrong with camping in the outdoors. It is only you and your partner sleeping underneath the stars snuggling up in a tent, what more could you want.

  • Couples game night with pizza and wine.

    date ideas

    For the couples out there keen on spending v-day with other couples, set up a couples game night. Drink wine, eat pizza and play games all night long it can be a absolute blast.

  • Have a scavenger hunt.


    Make a map, place clues all around and make your partner follow the map. Hide small gifts or rewards at certain locations for your partner to find. Who knows, maybe the map leads to a very inviting bed topped with rose petals. 😛


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