30 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For The 8 Different Types Of Guys Out There.

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The best Christmas gift anyone can give are those that have a little thought and effort put into it. I know it’s a cliché, but it really isn’t always about the price of the gift it is actually more the thought that counts.

Just take a moment and think what this guy really is all about, is he an athlete, gamer, outdoors man etc. If you can find his main interest in life, it will make it much easier to buy him a gift that he might use every day and really appreciate.


Every man is different and would prefer different gifts, here are some Christmas gift ideas for the different types of men out there.

Christmas gift ideas:

  1. The Fitness Guy


He always wants to stay in shape and loves going to the gym.

  • Headphones
  • His favourite protein shake
  • Gym bag
  • Gym clothes
  • Active heart rate watch

Basically anything fitness related that he needs he will really appreciate and will use it when he’s pumping iron.


  1. The Gamer


He will spend hours playing games and can’t wait for the newest game to release.

  • The latest game he has been talking about for months

That’s about it, these not much to it just get the man his game already.


  1. The Handyman


He loves spending time on DIY projects and repairing things.

  • Toolbox
  • Tools he needs to complete his toolbox

He will definitely love tools, just have a look at what he needs and go have a look in the store.


  1. The Musician or huge music fan


He loves his music and can’t get enough of it.

  • The latest CD of his favourite band
  • A music voucher on iTunes (if he uses iTunes)
  • Headphones
  • Music equipment (drum sticks, guitar pick etc.)
  • Tickets to see one of his favourite bands


  1. The Sports Man


Buy him something that has to do with his sport that he needs.

  • Sports equipment
  • Sports clothes to train in
  • A jersey of his favourite sports team
  • Tickets to see his favourite sports team play
  1. The Modern Fashionable Man


  • Cologne
  • Sunglasses
  • An anchor bracelet
  • Shoes or clothes to match his style


  1. The Food Lover


  • A set of proper sharp knives
  • An apron
  • Braai equipment
  • Cooking books
  • A set of spice holders with spices inside


  1. The Outdoor Man


  • Camping gear
  • Hiking gear
  • Sunglasses
  • Proper outdoor shoes


At the end of the day just really listen to the guy. He will always let it slip what he wants, you just have to pay attention. Happy gift hunting!


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