14 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Women.

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After reading this you might want to go to a beer fest.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing though 🙂

Here are 14 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Women.

  • Your Beer can never leave you.

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  • Your Beer  won’t cheat on you and rip your heart out.

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  • You can have as many Beers as you want, but you can only have 1 woman.

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  • Beers don’t talk back.

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  • You can share a Beer with your friend.

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  • Beer doesn’t care about looks.

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  • Beer doesn’t let you wash the dishes.

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  • You will never get in a argument with Beer.

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  • Beer never gets jealous if you grab another Beer.

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  • Beer won’t go to bed at 9 pm.

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  • You always know, you are the first one to drink that Beer.

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  • Beer loves it when you braai all the time.

Beer fest

  • A Beer’s opening is always tight.


  • You know you can always go to a bar and pick up a beer and there will be a beer waiting at home for you.

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