5 “Lekke” Cheap Punch Recipes.

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Try making these cheap punch recipes.

  1. Orange & Pineapple Punch

If you’re a fan of orange and pineapple, then this is the punch for you. You will need the following ingredients per person:

  • 400 ml Vodka
  • 125 ml White rum
  • 1L Orange fizzy drink
  • 1L Pineapple fizzy drink
  • Cold drink concentrate that makes 5L (orange or pineapple)
  • pieces of orange or pineapple (optional)

Mix it all together and there you have a punch that you can enjoy all day long in the summer sun.


  1. Vodka Watermelon

This one isn’t exactly a punch, but it definitely deserves its place on this list. The vodka watermelon is a very refreshing party snack to get your party going in the heat of the day, it is really easy and effortless to prepare. All you will need is a watermelon and a 750 ml bottle of the cheapest vodka you can find.

All you need to do is make a hole the size of the bottle cap in the watermelon, flip the bottle of vodka over into to watermelon and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator . If you need to transfer your melon just simply put the bottle cap in the hole to keep it sealed.

When you are ready chow your melon just cut it up into pieces. I suggest to cut it up in a big bowl so the extra vodka can fall into the bowl so those vodka watermelon juices don’t go to waste. 😉


  1. Beershandy

This drink might not get you drunk, but it will definitely last you all day long and won’t break the bank on those days that you have a tight budget. Men this won’t take away any of your manliness and ladies don’t be scared to try it as it is really refreshing on a summer’s day.

Another reason why to try out the beer shandy check out 14 reasons why beer is better than women.

The beer shandy is a simple ratio half Lager and half lemonade fizzy drink.


  1. The Classic Vodka & Lemonade

Don’t let the sweet taste and innocent appearance fool you this guy has a lot of alcohol in it. The classic is the perfect party punch and cheap to prepare.

Per person you will need:

  • 2L Fizzy Lemonade
  • 750 ml Vodka
  • 1 x soft drink concentrate that makes 5 L (preferably sports drink concentrate for extra energy ;))
  • Lots of Ice


  1. Red Wine Sangria

cheap punch recipes

For the wine lovers out there looking for an alternative this summer while chilling next to the pool, this sangria is perfect for you.  The fruity taste will keep your taste buds engaged and begging for more.

For 10 people (3-4 glasses each) you will need the following:

  • 5 oranges cut into small pieces
  • 5 Apples chopped into small blocks.
  • 420 g sugar
  • 750 ml Brandy (Maybe try a bottle of Parow Brandy)
  • 10 x 750 ml red wine
  • 2L orange juice

And there you have it, a perfect sangria.

Hope you enjoy these cheap punch recipes.. Drink responsibly don’t be one of these drunk students.

Join the conversation in the comments below! What are your favourite punch recipes?


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