17 Most hilarious Stellies confessions. Week 5 – Aug

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1. Come and get your chicken man.

2. I just clear those stories anyway.

3. This is my type of person.

4. Getting owned by a test.

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5. And that kids, is how I met your mother.

6. The semester is going great.

7. Why do drunk people get angry?

8. Any takers?

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9. Free food.

10. It’s a trap, it is his wedding day.

11. All this time? Always…

12. He probably eats pineapple on his pizza.

13.  STFU alarm clock.

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14. Plot twist, she is a guy.

15. Sit down McNugget!

16. Cotton eyed Joe.

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17.  Test week mental breakdown.

Hilarious stellies confessions.

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